Sunday, April 6, 2008

Colourway Poll

There will be three colourways in the Ram Club, one for each pair of socks. The surprise factor for the members may not be what everyone wants, because let's face it, we all remember that awful knit gift that we received and, well, the colour was all wrong. Therefore, to address this anxiety of the colours of the yarn you'll receive, we are going to let you vote on ONE of the colourways that will be used. It will not necessarily be the first colourway for the first pattern for socks that you get, but the colourway with the majority vote will appear at some point during the life of the club. The less popular colourways will not be used as runners-up.
Now guys, although we have received knitwear whose colour we don't care for, we've also been on the receiving end of great surprises. We're adventurous, and we like risks. To that end, the other two colourways will remain a surprise in keeping with most yarn clubs out there. Okay the poll...

The patterns shown do not reflect the sock pattern design. They just illustrate how the different colours interact with different proportions. Click to zoom. If you like a colourway but dislike one or two of the colours of the palette, or have a tweak in mind, please write stitchstud at gmail dot com to comment. Thanks for your participation!

Muddy PuddlePlumb out of SockMucho MochaCrisp Evening

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